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ELA 7 30 October 2016

Don’t Run Snow
(Based on a true story)

The sun was out and shining like new light bulbs, birds were chirping like flutes when being played, in general, it was a gorgeous day. Then a terrible moment almost crushed it all. When this happened, Michelle was nine and her friend, Emma,  was eight years old. Emma was staying with Michelle and her family for a few weeks because her parents had to go away to visit a sick relative. Besides all of that, Michelle’s family, and Emma, were packing their bags because they were getting ready to leave for San Francisco. All of the historical landmarks and entertaining stops helped them make their decision.  Although, when it came to packing, Michelle’s parents were who were the ones who did all the packing because the girls just didn’t want to pack. Instead, Michelle and Emma were playing  in the front of the house, which was on the other side from Michelle’s parents.  Very soon in the future, the horrible moment happened.
Hey Michelle,” exclaimed Emma, “Can we take Snow out? She could use the fresh air.”
No, no, no. You know Mom strictly explained not to take Snow out of her play area, you know dogs get excited when they go outside, especially small dogs!” Michelle sternly told Emma. Emma went to the door and opened it; the room was starting to get warm.
Please” Emma begged, “She looks so sad, can’t we take her out for just a second, then put her back. I promise.” When Michelle looked into Snow’s sad puppy dog eyes, she felt bad for her, and she wouldn’t see her for a week so. . .
I guess, but only for a second.” That got Emma up so fast, she ran to Snow’s cage,“Who’s a good girl, who’s a good girl?” Emma asked. She took her out of her play area, but totally forgot about what she had promised Michelle. She took Snow and ran all around the house,
What a good dog, yes you are, baby!”, Emma exclaimed to Snow. Emma got tired of holding Snow, so she put her on the floor. Then she realized that she didn’t put a leash on Snow, and the door was open! As fast as she could, Snow ran to the door and out of it. The girls got so scared that they froze, like statues, and soon realized that they had to run after her. When they tried to scream for Michelle’s parents, nothing came out of their mouths and they couldn’t turn back now, for they were slowly losing sight of Snow. Both were trembling as they ran as fast as their little legs would carry them. Following Snow, each one of the girls got close to her, but none of them could quite catch up to her. After three blocks, the girls got so tired, they could hardly go any further. All of a sudden, Snow stopped, looked around, and she was twitching her nose, like she was looking for a smell, and ran into a house. The girls soon found out why she ran. There was a barbecue! Michelle and Emma ran in without consent to get their dog back. When they went in, they found a woman with their beloved Snow. Before the woman holding their dog could say something, Emma grabbed Snow as if she was a five pound piece of gold.
I’m glad you girls found your dog, but you have to take better care of her next time, okay? If this happens again, there might not be a, next time, and you will be left dog less with an angry parent(s) to deal with!” scolded the woman. Michelle hated to be scolded, but just when she was going to let all of her anger out on the woman,
We will,” Emma told her in response, she picked up Snow, and took Michelle back home before she could say another word that might make the lady call Michelle’s mom. With that, the girls went back home, still trying to get their breath. On the way back, Michelle was arguing with Emma about why she pulled her away from that woman’s house. The second the girls got into their own house, Michelle’s parents came out with the luggage and with a surprised and angry tone in her voice, she screamed,“Why is Snow out, I strictly told you not to take her out, didn’t I, oh you are so lucky she didn’t escape! I won’t even worry about the door!” By the time the girls realized their mom didn't know Snow got away, their mom was putting the luggage in the car. When the girls looked at Michelle's dad, he was helping Michelle's mom load the car. Soon, they all started their trip to San Francisco, but first, they put Snow in her play area.

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