ESBC '16

Activity 1
Images and Attribution/Creative Commons

After watching a video on sharing creative works, I learned how to cite images and give credit for it. If you make a creation on the internet, it belongs to you. Although, others have the right to share or change things on your picture. There are rules when it comes to images and videos. If you want the world to be able to use or change your piece, you can can set it on public domain. Content license allows you to set limits on how people can use the photo, such as making sure they ask permission to use it or no money can be made off of it. Another thing that can be allowed or not is allowing people to add things to your work. If you want them to, allow it! If not, don't allow it. This helps make sure your picture is just how you want it.

Activity 2

Activity 3
Image or Music With Attribution And A Poem To Go With It

Cutie Pie Kittens

Kittens are fun, kittens can run

Kittens catch bugs, and hate hamburger buns

Kittens will play and surely will stay,

 but when they get scared, you can't find the anywhere!

Activity 4
Landscape Image With Attribution
Use the Image, Start a Story. . . create and exposition, including conflict

On the beach, a lovely afternoon, Jen and Steph were swimming deep in the ocean. They had all sorts of gear on to help them survive. They were not in the ocean to enjoy themselves, but take pictures for scientists. They have spent hours down there and the two women got pictures that were extremely important for their mission. Suddenly, a shark is spotted. This shark is no ordinary shark, but one of the world's most dangerous sharks; for it was a great white shark! Their hearts began to race, they called for help, but they soon figured out their communicator was broken. What else was there to do, a great white was circling them and they had no way to communicated with anyone! Time was running out, what could they do.

Readers, continue the story:)

Activity 5
Write a sentence just using pictures! Give each picture attribution.

Image result for family

Image result for travel in car

Image result for mountains

Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:

Activity 6
Find five images and create a words. Give attribution.

Image result for girl 12 years

Image result for boat

Image result for island

Image result for raining on island
Image result for 12 year old girl paradise on island

Activity 7
Slideshow, gallery, poster(You can look for apps that do this) about your INTERESTS. Include attribution for your images. You can add this to your "About Me" page or HERE.

Leila's Interests

Activity 8
Create your own image! Include a link to the website or app that helped you create the image.

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