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Week 2, Activity 5, Commenting On Two Blogs/ My First Comments

Blog 1: Bianca
My Comment Hi Bianca, I loved your blog, especially your "About Me" section. Since it is in short sentences, it was much easier to read and the colors attracted me to it. When it comes to pets, I also have a bunny and he is not afraid to pee on you. Come check my blog out:

Blog 2: Hannah
My Comment Hi Hannah, I love your "About Me" page. While reading this I found out that we both have the same favorite color and we both have a sister. I have a sister and a brother who I love very much, but they can be super annoying. My favorite animals are cats, but giraffes are interesting to look at because of their long necks. Come check my blog out at

Week 6 Blogging

I enjoyed this blogging game because I go to see so many different blogs. I liked how I saw DIY activities, designs of blogs, and so much more! I also love commenting because I get comments back. I like reading what people leave me because they make the time to come and comment back to me. Even though blogging and posting comments are great, I don’t like it when I finish a comment and then it deletes itself. It is annoying because I always have a good thought in there. Although, when I have to rewrite it, I always find something else to write about.

Comment 1:
Hi Kayley,
Taylor swift is my favorite artist too! My favorite song by her is Out of the Woods too! She uses so many terrains. She seems to use so much energy and creativity to make the music video. Come check out my blog at: http://leilaafsha8604.blogspot.com1

Comment 2:
Hi Miranda,
My name is Leila and I like your blog, especially this entry. I have had Mason jars sitting in the art cabinet for months, because I had no idea what to do with them. Even though it is not Halloween, I still like the idea. Come check out my blog at:!

Comment 3:
Hi Andrea,
My name is Leila, and I really like this post. It explains what I would need if there was an emergency. I am glad you put this on your blog. I was also looking at your side bar and I saw that you adopted a cat named Midnight from bunnyhero labs. I have a black cat named Midnight, but he is not virtule and is a real life kitten! That is such a coincidence, although, we call him Middy. Come check my blog out at:!
Comment 4:
Hi Aunika,
My name is Leila, I love your blog! Nice sentence of pictures, I can finally read one. I tried to read my classmates sentences, but I could hardly read them. Also, nice wedding paragraph, I can’t believe it was tye-dyed themed! Well come check my blog out:
Comment 5:
Hi Dylan,
Nice sentence! I am not a hockey person, but it seems cool. I want to learn how to skate, but my mom doesn’t like ice, and I live in Southern California where winter usually only lasts for a month or two before we go back to summer! Come check my blog out at http://leilaafsha8604.blogspot.

List of Comment Starters

1.  Hey there _______, I liked your blog because ____________________.

2. Good job on __________.
3. Try considering ____________________.
4. This reminds me of _______________.
5. When reading this, I think of _____________________.

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